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Today, I rose in the House of Commons to ask the Prime Minister:

Hon. Hedy Fry (Vancouver Centre, Lib.): 

Mr. Speaker, as a family physician, I know that gun violence is a public health issue that affects cities and small towns across Canada. Last month alone, there were three fatal gang shootings over three nights in Vancouver. We must end the gun violence and criminal activity. In 2019, we passed a bill expanding background checks for prospective gun buyers. Last year, we banned arms that were made for soldiers in war. Will the Prime Minister tell the House what next steps the government is taking to end this violence and death?

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): 

Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. member for Vancouver Centre for this important question and her many, many years of public health advocacy. While the Conservatives made promises to the gun lobby to weaken gun control, we are taking action to keep Canadians safe. Just yesterday, we introduced legislation that targets gun violence and criminal activity, addresses intimate partner violence, self-harm and online hate. As Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns has declared, “This is a comprehensive bill that, if enacted, will save lives.”

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