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Dr Hedy Fry

A Brief History

Throughout her life, Dr. Fry has held a variety of positions and earned a collection of titles, culminating to long introduction of The Honorable Dr Hedy Fry, P.C., M.P.


First Came the title of Doctor

Inspired by Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s vision for a just society, Dr. Fry immigrated to Canada in 1970, practicing family medicine at St. Paul’s Hospital for decades. She was a leader in the medical community, serving as president of the Vancouver Medical Association (VMA), BC Medical Association (BCMA), and the Federation of Medical Women. A TV star as well, she hosted CBC television’s medical information show Doctor, Doctor.

Dr Fry entered politics with the goal of defending equal marriage and same-sex benefits.


Next she won the title of MP

First elected to Parliament for Vancouver Centre in 1993, becoming the first rookie to defeat a sitting Prime Minister. With the election in 1993, Dr Fry was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health. She is now the longest-serving female MP in Canadian history, having been re-elected 9 times since.


Then she was appointed to the Privy Council of Canada (titles Honorable and P.C.)

Dr Fry joined Jean Chretien’s Cabinet in 1996 as Canada’s Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Status of Women. There she focused on social policy, arts and culture, women’s equality, the environment, homelessness, same-sex benefits, and equal marriage. She continues advocating for these today, even after leaving Cabinet in 2002.


Elections mean she becomes an Opposition MP

In 2006, under the opposition government, she became the Critic for Canadian Heritage, Sport, and Health. There, her medical expertise from 20 odd years of being a physician, was vital to her developing the Liberal Party of Canada’s Health platform.

Work Away from the Hill

All these titles are important, and yet, her accomplishments span far beyond them. In addition to her duties on the Hill as Member of Parliament, Dr Fry serves as the head of Canada’s delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (OSCEPA), an organization made of 57 Nations, as their Special Representative for Gender Issues and is also on the ad hoc Migration and procedures committee. She also Chairs the Canadian Association of Parliamentarians for Population Development to raise parliamentarian’s awareness of sexual and reproductive health, human rights and to promote cooperation among other networks.

This is but a brief list of the many positions, accomplishments and awards Dr Fry has received over the course of her life. Not listed are her awards for her work in the medical field, other parliamentary roles and many more accomplishments in international affairs. To see a complete list of Dr Fry’s accomplishments and awards, you can check out her CV:

Parliamentary Roles

  • Member of Parliament, Vancouver Centre
  • Director, Canadian Delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA)
  • Director, OSCE PA, Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
  • Member, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development
  • Chair, Canadian Association of Parliamentarians for Population Development
  • Member, National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (2017 to 2020)
  • Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Status of Women
  • Head of Delegation, Special Representative on Gender Issues to the OSCEPA
  • Chair on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage
  • Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedure of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

Notable Awards

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine Award for Outstanding Contribution of Knowledge Advancement
  • Dr. Hirsh Rosenfeld Annual Distinguished Public Lecture in Family Medicine, McGill University
  • Distinguished National of Trinidad and Tobago in Canada Award
  • Heros Award for Community Service, Metropolitan Church of Toronto
  • The University of the West Indies Luminary Award
  • AIDS Vancouver’s Red Ribbon Award
Dr Hedy Fry CV