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You’re shopping online. You agree to buy something for the listed price. But when it’s time to checkout, that price has jumped with fees and surcharges.

Those are called junk fees – they’re unfair charges companies use to squeeze extra money out of you.

This includes non-sufficient fund fees, “service” charges, out-of-control cell phone coverage bills, recurring roaming fees without notice, and more.

We’re cracking down on them. And we’re using all the legislative tools to do it – so the price you see is the one you pay.

We are:

  • Amending the Competition Act to strengthen protections against deceptive, bait and switch pricing;
  • Ensuring airlines seat all children under the age of 14 next to their accompanying adult at no extra cost;
  • Stopping cell phone carriers from charging consumers extra fees to switch carriers, making carriers help consumers identify lower-cost plans in advance of the end of a contract;
  • Ensuring that cell phone and internet companies make it easy to cancel or switch your plan, with the click of a button in an online portal; and,
  • Working with provinces and territories to make concert and sport tickets transparent through an upfront total price, protecting Canadians against excess fees, getting them timely refunds when events are cancelled and cracking down on fraudulent resellers who make a profit by buying hundreds of tickets at once then reselling them at exorbitant prices.

Pierre doesn’t care about holding corporations accountable for price-gouging Canadians. Just last week, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives literally voted to give the richest 0.13 per cent a tax break.

While he’s focused on tax breaks for the wealthiest, we’re focused on making life cost less for you.

That’s what fairness looks like.