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Today I joined Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to release our government’s National School Food Policy, which brings us one step further in our work to provide up to 400, 000 kids with healthy meals in school.

This Policy sets out the vision, principles, and objectives that will serve as a guide to help shape the implementation of Canada’s first-ever National School Food Program, announced in Budget 2024.

It was informed by a series of engagements beginning in early 2022 with provinces and territories, Indigenous partners, diverse stakeholders, children and the general public. It also builds on the hard work and contributions of volunteers, educators, and parents by creating a roadmap that can guide program delivery.


Key messages:

National School Food Policy:

  • Ensuring that every child gets the best start in life is a priority for our government.
  • That is why we are releasing our National School Food Policy. The Policy outlines the long-term federal vision for school food programs in Canada and sets out the principles and objectives that will drive action towards this vision.
  • And it supports our investment of $1 billion over five years to implement a National School Food Program with provinces, territories and Indigenous partners.
  • This Policy lays the foundation for collaborative and complementary action by all levels of government and all sectors to advance work on school food in Canada. Our government is committed to working with each province and territories to advance this key point to make life cost less
  • The Policy was informed by engagement with the public, stakeholders, and provincial, territorial, and Indigenous partners so that regional and local needs could be reflected.

Link to Prime Minister of Canada News Release on National School Food Program