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The Government of Canada recently announced the new Aging in Place Challenge Program led by the National Research Council. It will partner with like-minded private, public, academic and other research organizations in Canada and abroad to develop breakthroughs to help older adults and their caregivers to live safe, healthy and socially connected lives while remaining in their homes and communities of choice.


The aim is to reduce by 20% the number of older adults requiring nursing home care across Canada by 2031.


The program will support safe and healthy aging in four areas:

  • Safety: Innovative living environments and injury prevention at home
  • Health: Cognitive monitoring and enablement, chronic health management and daily living support
  • Connection: Mobility, transportation and social engagement
  • Standards: Smart home standards that support safety, and enhance technical interoperability


The program is currently seeking researchers from the academic community, the not-for-profit and private sectors, and Indigenous governments to express their interest in collaborating. A panel of experts with lived experience will also be created.


Seniors, caregivers and advocates who wish to share their real-world insights and experience are invited to Apply Here!