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Panel discussion on the Overdose Crisis in Vancouver Centre.

Thank you to our panelists Dr. Perry Kendall, Epidemiologist Dr. Kate Salters, and Crosstown Clinic’s Dr. Scott MacDonald for the informative discussion. See the full-length discussion here:

Dr. Perry Kendall served as BC’s first Health Officer from 1999-2016. An Order of BC recipient, he opened one of Canada’s first needle exchange programs and declared the BC overdose crisis a public health emergency.

Dr. Kate Salters, Epidemiologist is an expert on studying HIV/AIDS cases among women. An SFU professor, Dr. Salters has received multiple awards for her research. She has highlighted the intersectionality of women, HIV/AIDS, and the overdose crisis.

Dr. Scott MacDonald is the leading physician at Vancouver’s Providence Crosstown Clinic and is on the frontlines of overdose prevention research. Crosstown was the site of both the NAOMI and SALOME studies.

Dr. Hedy Fry is the Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre, and the longest-serving female MP in Canadian history. Before her election in 1993, Fry practiced family medicine in Vancouver Centre for 20 years, and served as President of the BC Medical Association.