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We’re looking for a group of young people from the ages of 14 through 24 who provide non-partisan advice and input on issues of importance to them and to all Canadians. Listening to young people about issues that matter to them is an important commitment of the government.

Youth Council members will meet once a month, a mixture of online and in person meetings to discuss issues that matter to their peers, their community, and their country. They will interact with each other outside of meetings to discuss ideas and upcoming activities, and to talk with their peers about issues that matter most to them.

This is an opportunity for youth to engage in the political process and share their thoughts on ongoing issues and decisions made at the federal level. It also gives our elected representative a chance to better understand the concerns of the youth in our community and to fully represent the residents of Vancouver Centre.

The Vancouver Centre Constituency Youth Council (CYC) is open for applications on an ongoing basis this year; youth may apply on our website at any time starting now. The goal is to begin the project planning stage in September 2023. The Constituency Youth Council is an inclusive and supportive environment, welcoming all young people living, working or studying in Vancouver Centre, between the ages of 14 and 24.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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