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Despite the impacts that COVID-19 has had on immigration in 2020, IRCC has continued working hard to ensure that people can immigrate to Canada safely and responsibly respecting all health guidelines.

Recently IRCC provided an update of some of their recent figures:

Passports and travel documents: 185,000 passports and travel documents have been issued since March 18

Permanent Residents landing:  Around 180,000 new Permanent residents expected by the end of this year

Expired Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR): IRCC has reached out to 6,100 people with expired COPR’s and renewed them. IRCC has reached out to everyone else as quickly as possible to facilitate their travel to Canada when circumstances permit.

Parents & Grandparents Program: We’ve landed 9,600 permanent residents under the Parents & Grandparents Program in 2020.

International Students: We’ve revived this pathway, issued more than 150,000 initial student permits and have extended an additional 196,000 in 2020.

Global Skills Strategy: 45,000 work-permits issued under this program since its launch in 2017.


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