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Last week, the Prime Minister participated in the ongoing demonstrations, in solidarity with racialized Canadians who are protesting against anti-black racism. At every level of government, we need to work together and to recognize that these systemic problems are tied to economic inequality and to the racialization of poverty. We’ve promised to address systemic racism and injustice, and we’ve taken action:

  • We invested in mental health resources and youth programs for Black Canadians.
  • We worked to close the gaps in services for Indigenous communities.
  • We funded Statistics Canada so they could create a Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistic hub.
  • We are funding community organization capacity building in the Black communities across Canada.
  • We signed on and committed to the United Nation’s International Decade for People of African Descent.
  • This work culminated in the release of Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy for 2019-2022, and the creation of an Anti-Racism Secretariat.
  • However, we also recognize that there’s a lot more work for us to do, and that we need to do much more.