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COPENHAGEN, 1 August 2020 – On the forty-fifth anniversary of the signing of the Helsinki Final Act, Present and former Presidents of the OSCE PA issued the following statement:

“Forty-five years ago, leaders from East and West came together to adopt a document that was bold, both in ambition and in scope, and remains visionary to this day. The Helsinki Final Act set the foundation for European peace, guaranteed by a cooperative multilateral system based on shared values and commitments. For generations of our citizens living from Vancouver to Vladivostok, our quest for security and co-operation also carved a path towards the full respect of their human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

“Since 1975, significant progress has been achieved throughout the OSCE region, but the principles of the Helsinki Final Act continue to be violated, and, for many of our over one billion citizens, comprehensive security remains a distant dream. Most sorely lacking today are the original spirit of co-operation and willingness to compromise, both of which condition the realization of a Europe whole, free, and at peace.”

“As present and former presidents of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, we are extremely concerned about the present state of the OSCE. As we celebrate this important anniversary, we reiterate calls on all governments of OSCE participating States to urgently restore respect for the Helsinki principles, implement their OSCE commitments, and address the accelerating breakdown in international dialogue, which has plunged our organization into its latest institutional crisis.”

“Today must also serve as an opportunity to reinvigorate security co-operation and dialogue in Europe. We, along with all OSCE parliamentarians, remain committed to encouraging high-level discussions on the OSCE and supporting its crucial work, so that together, we may one day finally live up to the promises of Helsinki.”


  • Mr. George Tsereteli (Georgia), President
  • Ms. Christine Muttonen (Austria), former President
  • Mr. Ilkka Kanerva (Finland), former President
  • Mr. Ranko Krivokapic (Montenegro), former President
  • Mr. Wolfgang Grossruck (Austria), former President
  • Mr. Riccardo Migliori (Italy), former President
  • Mr. Petros Efthymiou (Greece), former President
  • Mr. Joao Soares (Portugal), former President
  • Mr. Goran Lennmarker (Sweden), former President
  • Mr. Alcee Hastings (United States), former President
  • Mr. Roberto Montella, Secretary General of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Read the original press release here.