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June 14, 2018—Hon. Hedy Fry, Vancouver Centre

“Mr. Speaker, in 1993, I ran on a promise of LGBTQ2+ equality in law and in fact. As a physician, I had seen how discrimination affected my patients. This Pride month, in the so-called “Year of the Queer”, I reflect on what pride means to this community: the ability to stand, after lifetimes in the closet, as equal citizens, and openly declare, “We are here, we are queer, and we are proud of it.”

The roots of pride date back to New York’s Stonewall protests in June 1969, when drag queens took to the streets after one too many police raids, in an act of pride and defiance.

Across Canada, cities will host parades to celebrate LGBTQ2+ pride. Vancouver’s 40th parade is on August 5. This will be my 26th year of participation. As a wannabe diva, I will dance, costumed, in the parade, in eight-inch heels. I am prepping my costume now. I will be proud to walk with the LGBTQ2+ community.

Happy Pride Month.”