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News Release

May 31, 2019

Vancouver, BC – The Vancouver Pride Society will receive $1 million over two years to attract more local and international visitors, announced Hedy Fry, MP (Vancouver Centre). The funding, from the Government of Canada, will support Vancouver Pride.

“I am proud of the progress Vancouver has made as a city in welcoming and embracing LGBTQ2+ individuals. These investments further affirm our government’s commitment to LGBTQ2+ communities, gender identities, while also promoting our tourism sector,” said the Honourable Hedy Fry.

Vancouver Pride Society is recognized as an organization dedicated to helping marginalized people feel included and represented. In providing funding for organizations like Vancouver Pride, the Government of Canada aims to further promote inclusive societies while also raising awareness about the continued human rights abuses LGBTQ2+ individuals face here in Canada and globally.

“Vancouver is already a popular and safe destination for LGBTQ2+ tourists. Given the political climate around the world, it is more important than ever that Canada is a beacon for LGBTQ2+ visitors who don’t experience the same sense of safety, acceptance and inclusion in their country of origin,” said Andrea Arnot, Executive Director of Vancouver Pride Society.

Canada remains a top tourist destination for its natural beauty, hospitable culture, food and rich history. By continuing to support LGBTQ2+ organizations, the government not only reaffirms Canada’s stance as a friendly and welcoming country, it also attracts LGBTQ2+ tourists to small and medium sized Canadian businesses. LGBTQ2 travellers, on average, vacation four to six times a year, spend 33% more, and are known to return to places where they had good experiences.

“These investments are a step in the right direction to continue to support LGBTQ2+ communities and send a message to the world that Canada welcomes everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, race or religion,” said the Honorable Hedy Fry.

Pride 2019 marks Dr. Fry’s 27th consecutive participation in Vancouver’s Pride festival. In addition to her duties as MP for Vancouver Centre, she is the longest-serving female MP in Canadian history, serves as the Special Representative for Gender Issues at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, and holds a seat on Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.