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The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) application process opens on Monday, April 6. In preparation, many of you are registering for CRA’s My Account. Canadians are experiencing difficulties involving the length of time it takes to obtain a security code to create an account.

  • If you have not received your security code by April 6, you will still be able to apply for CERB with your light version of My Account, however, will not be able to make changes to your direct deposit and/or address during the application process
  • If you have not received your security code and a change to direct deposit or address is necessary, you must contact a CRA agent (1-800-959-7383) or change it via a request through your bank
  • If no direct deposit is on file, a cheque will be issued and mailed
  • Expected time it will take to receive the funds: by direct deposit = 3-5 days, by mail = 10 days
  • You may apply through CRA My Account, My Service Canada, or via telephone


To help manage cases, the CRA has set up specific days for people to apply and receive the best service. If you were born in the month of:

  • January-March: Mondays & April 6th
  • April-June: Tuesdays & April 7th
  • July-September: Wednesdays & April 8th
  • October-December: Thursdays & April 9th
  • Any month: Fridays-Sundays


CERB Access Portal:

My Service Canada:

CRA My Account:

CRA Telephone Line: 1-800-959-2019