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An update from the Government of Canada on Canada’s Plan to Mobilize Industry to Combat COVID-19:

To date, over 6,000 Canadian firms from across the country have offered their expertise and capacity to help combat COVID-19 by retooling, scaling up, or providing urgently-needed goods and services. This includes:

Contracts signed with:

  • Precision ADM for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of 3D-printed nasopharyngeal test swabs.
  • Bio Basic Canada Inc. and Rane Pharmaceutical Inc. for the manufacturing of guanidine thiocyanate, a key chemical input for COVID testing.

Four projects awarded under the Innovative Solutions Canada Testing Stream:

  • Fusion Genomics Corp., located in Burnaby, B.C., for the ONETest ConronaViruses (CoV)-Fast, a genomics-based assay that is capable of detecting and capturing the full spectrum of known human infections.
  • Innovatools, located in Vars, ON, for their re-usable Surgical Procedure Mask.
  • Global Spatial Technology Solutions Inc., located in Dartmouth, N.S., for the OCIANA™ tool that improves maritime situational awareness and supports real-time decision-making by health, safety and security agencies during public health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic or other safety, or security-related events.
  • NMODES, located in Toronto, ON, for the COVID19 INSTANT RESPONSE SOLUTION that uses artificial intelligence to triage large volumes of online inquiries, relieving pressure from hospitals and government organizations in times of crisis.

Winning proponents of two Innovative Solutions Canada Challenge Streams funded by the NRC:

  • Phase 2 winners for the N95 respirator challenge to develop prototypes for alternative filtration media for masks:
    • Stedfast Inc. is receiving $164,955 to develop washable masks with barrier properties as well as a prototype N95 respirator, a surgical mask, and a community mask.
    • Roswell Downhole Technologies Inc. is receiving $418,641 for rapid reconfiguration of plastic extrusion equipment for the manufacture of N95 filter material.
  • Phase 1 winners for the Low Cost Sensor challenge, to develop a low cost system that can continuously monitor COVID-19 patient vital signs:
    • Braebon Medical Corporation is receiving $282,244 to develop the MediByte VTS, an all-in-one, real-time patient vital signs monitoring device that can be used in hospitals or at home.
    • Cloud Diagnostics Canada ULC is receiving $300,000 to develop the Vitaliti™ continuous vital sign monitor.

Two new projects approved by the NGen Supercluster:

  • $3.1m contribution to a project led by Fredericton-based LuminUltra Technologies to support the development of a novel SARS-CoV-2 test kit based on nucleic acid (RNA) detection.
  • $303,183 contribution to DMF Medical, located in Halifax, to enable the modification of anesthesia machines for ICU ventilation applications.

An investment of $1.25m to create the CanCOVID expert network.

  • The CanCOVID network is a pan-Canadian initiative, and will involve participation from researchers and experts from across the country to facilitate rapid scientific coordination and provide a strong base of evidence to help Canada safely navigate its way out of this pandemic.
  • This secretariat will be led by Professor Vivek Goel and Professor Julia Zarb. Both are Professors in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

The health and safety of Canadians is our top priority. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been working closely with industry to understand the areas that require urgent investment, and to create partnerships that will lead to new, innovative ways to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

Through our Made-in-Canada plan, we have procured critical supplies, provided good jobs for Canadians, and have supported our valuable businesses during this difficult time.