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Investing in future pandemic preparedness

Since the start of the pandemic, our government has recognized the need to increase domestic biomanufacturing and to develop made-in-Canada solutions such as vaccines and treatments to prepare us for future pandemics while helping us with solutions to fight COVID-19.

Today, Minister Champagne announced an investment of nearly $200 million in Resilience Biotechnologies that will allow them to manufacture 112 million to 640 million doses of mRNA vaccines per year, strengthening our biomanufacturing capacity and helping to make Canada more self-sufficient. This investment will create good jobs, strengthen the economy, grow Canada’s biomanufacturing and life sciences sector, and ensure Canada is prepared for the future.

  • We are working to strengthen Canada’s biomanufacturing sector all while aggressively pursuing the purchase and development of vaccines, treatments and related supplies to protect Canadians from COVID-19.
  • This includes investments of well over a billion dollars in projects that will ensure that Canada is well positioned to develop and produce safe and effective vaccines and therapies here at home.
  • Today’s investment of $199.16 million in Resilience Biotechnologies Inc will support a $401.52-million project which will see their Mississauga facility increase its scale and capacity.
  • This will allow them to manufacture approximately 112 million to 640 million doses of mRNA vaccines per year.
  • Budget 2021 gives us the means to achieve our ambitions, as it proposes to provide a further $2.2 billion towards growing a vibrant Canadian life sciences sector.