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So it’s back to scare tactics for Stephen Harper.

As the economic crisis worsens and the Conservatives remain in denial of their record of economic mismanagement, Stephen Harper has resorted to an old strategy: the attack ad!

I’m sure the 700,000 unemployed Canadians shut out of EI, and the 130,000 who have declared bankruptcy, aren’t laughing.

Nor are the scientists who are being pushed out of Canada due to the Conservative cuts to basic research. Nor are the artists who are victims of Harper’s attack on arts & culture in Canada.

Even some Conservatives are tired of this worn-out tactic. Conservative MP Cathy McLeod recently told Kamloops This Week that, “unfortunately, it seems the tactics have success or otherwise they wouldn’t do this — but again do I like it, no.”

But really, it was only a matter of time before partisan political attacks came flying out of Tory HQ.

Last fall, when the Harper government failed to see the downturn in the economy when it was obvious to all, and then didn’t take action when it awoke from its slumber, it plunged the country into an economic crisis and then turned that into a national unity crisis.

And now, when Canada needs economic leadership, Stephen Harper is trying desperately to change the channel.

Perhaps he should actually watch the evening news, and see how misplaced his attack ads are between the ads for credit counseling and reverse mortgages that blanket the airwaves these days!