HedzSez: New Canadian Medical Association President

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HedzSez: New Canadian Medical Association President

New Canadian Medical Association (CMA) president Dr. Anna Reid delivers inaugural address stressing how much more needs to be done to deliver excellence in care, regardless of geography and ability to pay, and in keeping with the values of Canadians. She says that the measure of our success will be how we treat the least advantaged of our populations; how we achieve equity and equality of access for all, beginning with our aboriginal peoples as the bench mark.

Health care transformation is essential to equity and quality of care, yet Medicare has been left to "wither on the vine". She calls on the CMA and physicians to fight for that goal and to get involved in politics and policy and not stop until we achieve the best care for our patients.

As she thanked her spouse Linda, she also called on physicians to care for their own health and that of their families if they were to gain the stamina to fight for those laudable goals of best care for our patients and for Canadians in general.

Dr. Reid's passionate words reminded me of why I became a physician and why we, as physicians must continue to fight without fear, in the best interests for our patients, and for the values that have made Canada a compassionate and caring nation and that are now endangered.