HEDZ SEZ: Save the CBC

Sunday, November 13, 2011

HEDZ SEZ: Save the CBC

The Reform Party vowed to end the CBC. The New Conservatives will make good on that promise.

Here's how:
- Starve the CBC of funds (they're now down to pre-Chrétien era funding)
- Force them to compete like private broadcasters, for advertising dollars (they already do some of that)
- To get those dollars, they will have to broadcast non-Canadian, popular programming
- Then, accuse them of failing to fulfil their mandate. Et voilà! The CBC is gone.

Fact: CBC is now 3rd-lowest government funded, of 18 public broadcasters in OECD. South Africa does better. Switzerland is #1, in 4 languages. CBC's transmitters are over 45 years old. No infrastructure funds were given to update and digitalise (though private cable companies were allowed to raise fees (for a period) to do just that.

If you think that CBC is wishy-washy in its mandate, let Parliament strengthen the mandate. Make CBC report directly to Parliament each year. Make it the distribution arm of Canadian film, like the BBC. Fund it properly.

And if you value Canadian identity, push this government hard to save the CBC.

Click here to sign the Liberal petition to save the CBC: http://petition.liberal.ca/hands-off-our-cbc/