Conservative attack ads against Michael Ignatieff boggle the mind

Friday, May 22, 2009

Conservative attack ads against Michael Ignatieff boggle the mind

The inanity of the Conservative attack ads against Michael Ignatieff makes the mind boggle.
Who researched the issue? And what exactly is the message?

Aside from the fact that the ads expose a Conservative government out of touch with, and disinterested in, the reality that its citizens face; the ads raise a host of questions!
For instance, if a Canadian-born citizen is unfit to lead because he/she has lived and worked outside of Canada for many years, what's the net value of those of us who weren't born in Canada?
Does my middle son who was born in Canada but spent 8 years in Australia studying medicine and finishing his specialty in Emergency and Trauma, still qualify as a valid Canadian? or should he be demoted?

What if one only left Canada for a two-week holiday once a year. What are the cumulative number of weeks or years allowed before one is disqualified as a worthy Canadian? 5 years? 10 years? Should these be each year or does one get special merit points for going every other year?
What if one never left at all but stayed within a "fire wall in a province"? Does one get to jump to the front of the class?

Ah the questions that flood the mind!

What are the criteria? Number of years spent outside Canada? Age at which those born outside Canada must have entered Canada to be considered worthy?

How many times can one mention association with another country before being declared unfit? One, two, three? Does the level of emotion count? Should there be a sliding scale?
...and immigrants who were actually once citizens of a foreign land; are we disqualified forever? Or does it help if we came before the age of 5? Or 10?

It is all too much for one mind to sort out...I think we need a Royal Commission that can travel (only within Canada of course) and make recommendations.

Meanwhile, more jobs will continue to be lost, more bankruptcies filed, and the PM can carry on fiddling while Canadians get burned.

...Ad absurdum

Why does Monty Python come to mind?